cittern-vita Martina Rosenberger 2008 - reconstruction of a "Preston's machine", a tuner for ‘English guittar’ 2009 - 3rd songwriter's concert, including songs for the ‘English guittar’ - guest of honour at the 4th German Waldzither conference 2010 - research in special alloys for string making in silver - songwriting for the choir of the catholic church “Maria Hilf”, Krumbach 2011 - planning and organising of the 5th Waldzither Conference with International guests   from Portugal, France and Switzerland - publication of an article about the connection of the technology developement of the tuning machines   with the success of the instrument in the journal “Erfindervisionen” (Inventor’s visions) - education and training as songwriter and performer of healing songs 2012 - arrangement and conducting of the music for the confirmation ceremony   at the catholic church “Maria Hilf” - several charity concerts 2013 - concert ‘Nice Age’, songs arranged for several instruments - concert ‘la cetra amorosa’, together with Pedro Caldeira Cabral and Gregory Doc Rossi - workshop at the 6th Waldzither Conference in Suhl about song accompaniment 2014 - charity concerts 2015 - paper about the history of the Waldzither at TFF Rudolstadt