my music Martina Rosenberger at  Roggenburg "Encontros Internacionais da Guitarra Portuguesa" complete lyrics Songwriter's Program Specialized on the Waldzither for accompanying myself I started on two whole programs of own songs written in German. Meanwhile I transcribed several of my songs into English, often creating the song literally anew to express the meaning matching the musical structure. Some songs I write directly in English, like this Fado song,  specially written for and performed at the ‘International Citternconference’ (University of Coimbra, October 2007):   weitere Lieder:          Treasure, 2009 Huberts Traum (Instrumental), 2006 Nachtigall-Fado, 2007 Kashmir, 2006 Do what you love, 2012 Dragonfly Dance (live), 2014     1.Since you stopped to talk to me, Held back your jokes and laughter Your silence made a fool of me Loving you for what you are 2.Did I lose a brother, Did I lose a lover? Never shared my life with you But losing you still breaks my heart If once the nightingale sang for you Your mind will never lose the tune But you will long for the song In your heart ever after Nightingale - Fado in concert 2013