publications Die Waldzither in Hamburg Die dreißiger Jahre im Ruhrgebiet und Westfalen This documentation tells about the origins and historical circumstances of the German Walddzither in the 1930s in Middle-West-Germany. Contemporaries told me about their lives at that period and their personal relationship with this instrument, that was the musical basis for a whole generation. (self-published 2003, 96 pages, 210 x 270mm, colour-digital printed, written in German) As this documentation is starting with the year 1898, no surviving contemporaries could be found. So by studying clippings of odd documents, copies of rare instrument catalogues and photographing lots of rare instruments the jigsaw puzzle pieces were put together eventually. An unique connection between the Portuguese history and the city of Hamburg was the background for a very clever merchant, C.H. Böhm, who built and sold his “Waldzithern” successfully for forty years. (self-published 2005, 52 pages, 210 x 270mm, colour-digital printed, written in German) Erfindervisionen Lauteninfo Article on the technical relevance of the screw tuner for the history of the German Waldzither (in German, for an inventor’s Journal, 2011) Article about the reconstruction of a Preston tuner and the importance of special screws (in German, for the German Lute Society, 2012)